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New GUPI Kornit Platen Revolutionizes DTG Industry

Posted by Gerrai Ramirez on Sep 1st 2021

We are proud to introduce our newest innovation for your Kornit direct-to-garment machines. The Grand Unified Pallet Interface, also known as GUPI, is a revolutionized new design that allows you complete interchangeability of various pallet sizes and shapes in ONE design. The GUPI also allows the appropriate rubber gaskets for each pallet size and shape. This ensures that no matter which interface you use, you will always have an entirely flat garment for DTG printing, which is the purpose of th
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What's the Big Deal on All Over Printed Tees?

Posted by Gerrai Ramirez on Jun 23rd 2021

An "AOP", or All Over Print is a special technique where every inch of the garment is printed on. Typically, you will see repeat patterns step and repeated across a shirt, jacket, socks, and other garments. This method is a bit more complicated than traditional screen printing. To achieve this result, printers choose between sublimation or screen printing. Screen printing is cost-effective for high volume orders and you can screen print on almost every fabric. You are also able to use a va
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NEW! Epson & Brother Direct To Garment Platens

Posted by Gerrai R. on Mar 9th 2021

Epson DTG (Direct-To-Garment) Platens are now available!We now have several platens available for use on Epson machines. Made of solid aluminum with a head frame that is lined with rubber to grip and flatten your shirt or garment, these pallets are far superior than anything else on the market! This is the same material and design that we have employed for use on our Kornit-style platens for the last 10 years. The head frame has internal rubber wipers that pull the shirt uniformly in all directi
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Our Black Friday Sale Event is Here!

Posted by Gerrai R. on Nov 18th 2020

Now is the chance to stock up on the best production accessories. Add any of these items to your cart to redeem. Check out the amazing deals below!20% off the following Sleeve Pallets- 4" Standard Aluminum Pallets (5" if you have a ROQ or MHM Machine)- EZ Sleeve Pallets- Hinged Single Sleeve Pallets- Hinged Double Sleeve Pallets- Single 3-Way Pallets20% off Standard Roller Squeegees- Automatic Roller Squeegee- Manual Roller Squeegee20% off Zipper Hoodie Pallets- All Standard Sizes (No
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ISS Fort Worth Show 2019

Posted by Gerrai Ramirez-Nieto on Sep 18th 2019

Don't miss out on New Products, Services, and Trends in the Custom Apparel Industry!ISS Fort Worth offers strategic educational sessions on the topics that matter to you most. With over 40 workshops and conference seminars covering various topics and trends, your needs are met at ISS Fort Worth. New products, services, and relationships are invaluable when it comes to the decorated apparel industry. Trends are constantly changing and evolving in our business and what's on the horizon may change
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