Need to modify a pallet to fit another manufacturer style? How about replacement rubber? Brackets for new pallets? Need a Dryer Belt? You're in the right place. Browse this section for unique solutions to problems garment decorators face that aren't being addressed by major manufacturers.

MHM Rolling Rack


MHM Rolling Pallet Rack - Streamline Your MHM Pallet Storage Upgrade your MHM pallet storage system with the MHM Rolling Pallet Rack, a convenient and efficient solution designed specifically for MHM Honeycomb Aluminum Pallets. This rack provides ample...

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Frame Shims


Solid Aluminum Frame Shims The ultimate tool for achieving precise and stable screen tension in your screen printing frames. These specially designed shims are a must-have accessory for any screen printing setup, ensuring optimal performance and...

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Pallet Bracket Tape


Pallet Bracket Tape The ultimate solution for securing and stabilizing pallet brackets in your screen printing setup. Designed for convenience and reliability, this tape ensures optimal performance and helps you achieve consistent results with ease...

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