Most Popular Specialty Application Pallets

Since 1991 we have endeavored to help screen printers by dreaming up products that greatly increase shop efficiency and comfort. Below are a selection of some of our most popular specialty application pallets that garment decorators the world over swear by.

Combo Mombo


Introducing the NEW Combo Mombo! A versatile combination pallet that allows you to print on Pockets, Tagless, and Zipper Hoodies, and more! Combination pallets save shelf space, production time, and costs. The Combo Mombo is the latest and greatest...

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Tagless Pallets


The Tagless Pallet was developed to improve the quality & production rate of printing the inside labels of a shirt. Two shirts are loaded at the same time on the Tagless pallet. Why Tagless? No one likes the labels inside a shirt. They cost money to...

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