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High Quality Standard, Specialty, and Custom Solid Aluminum or HoneyComb Aluminum Pallets for Screen Printing Machines.

We offer the widest variety and selection of solid aluminum and honeycomb aluminum pallets. Our aluminum pallets come ready to use with industry standard 1/8" soft top rubber. Soft top rubber can be used for virtually all of your printing purposes. Most of our standard pallets and sizes have a production lead time of 3-5 business days or sooner. We also ship outside of the continental U.S. If you wish to place an order out of the continental U.S please email us. If you have any questions about our pallets, please call us at our office during business hours. 770-717-1000

Combo Mombo


Combo Mombo! A versatile combination pallet that allows you to print on Pockets, Tagless, and Zipper Hoodies, and more! Combination pallets save shelf space, production time, and costs. The Combo Mombo is the latest and greatest combination pallet for...

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Tagless Pallets


Tagless Pallet: Enhancing Quality and Efficiency in Inside Label Printing Introducing the Tagless Pallet, a game-changing solution designed to improve the quality and production rate of printing inside labels on shirts. With this innovative pallet, you...

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